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Who Should You Trust?...with your computer, your pictures, your music and your documents? I'm sure you are asking yourself this question, as we all have, when looking for a reliable, honest service company.

You can trust ABMS, with over 41 years in business, to protect your valuable data and fix your system quickly, efficiently, at a reasonable price!

Think you need a new computer? Maybe not! We can upgrade your older equipment, saving you considerable cost of replacement. If your computer uses a regular hard drive an SSD upgrade can increase it's performance considerably. We can recover data from Hard Drives and back up data to Flash Drives, DVDs or other Hard Drives.

Established in 1978 by a former IBMer, ABMS has serviced products such as Dell, IBM, Apple, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Sony, ZT, AST, Compaq, Gateway, Micron, Packard Bell, eMachines, Colombia, Tandy, Commodore, Kaypro, Osborne, Data General, and others, since the Personal Computer was introduced.

Our long background of experience and outstanding customer service, coupled with our long-standing reputation in our community makes ABMS the perfect choice.

CALL US FIRST!  We have Carry-in, On-site & On-line service available.  Or call to schedule one-on-one Basic Computer Training to help you understand more about your computer!

  Our work is unparalleled. Our experience is unmatched. If you've got a problem with your MAC or PC, trust the people who've been building & repairing computers since MACs & PCs existed!


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